Bitcoineta West Africa

Empowering African Communities with Bitcoin Knowledge!


Join our journey as Bitcoineta West Africa, a captivating Bitcoin-themed car, travels through African towns and cities, dedicated to spreading Bitcoin education.

Supported by Trezor, Bitcoineta West Africa is part of the Bitcoin Cowries educational initiative. Our mission is to spread Bitcoin awareness in Ghana and neighbouring countries.

Celebrate the Bitcoineta Movement

Learn about Bitcoin and be part of spreading Bitcoin awareness by following Bitcoineta West Africa's journey. Join us as we engage with African communities, and organise interactive workshops and meetups to share the power of Bitcoin.

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Whether you're looking to host a meetup, distribute educational materials, or simply share your Bitcoin story, your contribution can make a real difference. Join the Trezor Academy as a local organizer to help spread the word about bitcoin in your area!

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We were assigned, We delivered our best.

Grassroot #Bitcoin Adoption is happening.

Thank you @Trezor and @SatsJoseph for the opportunity to have the #TrezorAcademy in Uganda 🇺🇬

Questions at the beginning of the class were very interesting 🙌🏻