Learn to use bitcoin with Trezor Academy!

Trezor Academy is a series of bitcoin meetups aimed at accelerating bitcoin adoption where it's needed most, led by local bitcoin experts. The upcoming Trezor Academy meetups will take place in Burundi and Kenya. All Academy sessions are free to attend, so sign up below and we'll be in touch!

*poster by Lucho Poletti

Why should I attend a Trezor Academy meetup?

Trezor Academy is for everyone that feels like the current financial system is stacked against them, and would like to learn about an alternative. Over the course of three consecutive weekly meetups, you will learn:  

Why Bitcoin matters
Why bitcoin is best understood as sound money

Why bitcoin cannot be stopped
How to utilize bitcoin for local microtransactions
How to utilize bitcoin for cross-border commerce
How bitcoin works under the hood

How to keep you bitcoin safe
What are the best bitcoin tools and educational resources

Upcoming meetups


November 4th, 2023

Martha Hotel
Bujumbura, Burundi


November 4th, 2023

Oakplace Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya


Do I need any technical knowledge to attend?

Trezor Academy is open to attendees of all levels. We will walk you through the crucial aspects of using bitcoin in practice, and you will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

Is there any enrollment fee?

No, Trezor Academy is free to attend. All you have to pay is attention.

Is Trezor Academy an online course?

No, Trezor Academy is a series of in-person meetups, currently in Burundi and Kenya.

Is Trezor Academy an investment scheme?

No, it is a strictly educational program to learn the basics of bitcoin and self-custody.